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Drum Sextant Freiberger - Part No 108550-517 26x2


Traditional Instrument for Celestial Position Finding at Sea.

Comfortable Weight and Size with Excellent Balance.

Uninfluenced by Electromagnetism.

Mandatory Equipment for Deep Sea Navigation.

Illumination Device is Detachable (Battery Operated).

Colours – Black or Grey.

Wooden Carry Case: 340 x 320 x 170mm. Weight 4kg (Drum Sextant 1.4kg).

Ships Bell Ships and Small Craft (from 12m to 150m and over)


Manufactured from Copper Silicon Alloy to C87200.

To Mil-Spec DOD-B-24673.

Sizes - 1.4kg to 90kg.

Bell Mouth Size - 200mm to 500mm.

Tones - "A"6 Natural to "F"#5.

Sound Level - 110Db to 117Db.

Smooth polished finish.

3D Engraved with ships name and year of commissioning.


Navy Thermometer Self Indicating


  • NSN: 99-427-8025.
  • Range: 0ºC to 100ºC.
  • Glass thermometer with blue spirit filling.
  • Case: plastic (brass > 120ºC).
  • Pocket Material: brass (mild steel > 200ºC).
  • Connection: ½” BSP – 22mm AF.
  • Various lengths available (300mm to 400mm).

VIN Plate Engraving- CNC


Various fonts, sizes and shapes available.

Engraving in: stainless steel, aluminium, Cu, CuNi, steel and plastics.

3D precision engraving.

Other CNC operations in conjunction with engraving.

Progressive numbering and lettering.

Interface with Autodesk Inventor 2012.

PCB’s, Commemorative Plaques, Controls ID, gauges, tools & die.


Navy - Anode Hull - Sacrificial


Hull, ballast tank, heat exchangers, sea chests, engine etc.

Specification:  AS 2239-2003, ASTM 418-95.

Configurations:  standard and built to order.

Materials: aluminium, zinc and magnesium.

Society classification approval

Sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection.

Weld on / bolt on / screw on.

Felt, Navy - Part No CF206 Type 1

NSN: 8305-00-290-5592


Felt mechanical preformed.

White in colour – both sides.

Fibre Material: wool and extraneous material.

Weave Type: non-woven – unsponged.

Environment Protection: mildew resistant.

Parameters: 60” width, .0625” thick and 1lb /square yard.






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