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Emergency Lantern - Relay Operated


Rechargeable Lantern, 115 VAC / LED model.

Solid state charger and control unit.

C/W push button test switch.

Options: transparent red filter and filter tube.

Manufactured IAW MIL-DTL-16377/53C.

Brass: screws, inserts and lock washers.

Material: moulded plastics - yellow in colour.

Circuit Breaker – Navy AQB-A250


Designed for either a manual or remote closing.

Used to supply heavy loads and protect equipment.

For connecting ships service and emergency generators to power distribution systems.

Used on bus ties and shore connection circuits.

Designed for front or rear connections (AQB-A).

Can be mounted so as to be removable from the front.

Trip units available in various current ratings.

Circuit Breaker AQB-A103


Shipboard use, air electric.

Insulated housing.

Navy Mil-Std-17361/4B (ship systems).

Instantaneous pick up.

100A frame, 500 VAC, 50 or 400 Hz.

Short delay pick up.

Continuous current setting.

Gauges – Mil Spec


Pressure, temperature, vacuum and electrical gauges.

3½” (88.9mm) to 8½” (216mm) diameter sizes ± 1.0% accuracy.

Gauges to Mil-S-18997E, shock resistant to Mil-S-901, vibration resistant to Mil STD-167.

Connections: ‘O’ ring with union nut, flareless with ferrule and nut, male or welding nipple.

Connection Location: back, bottom or 5 o’clock position.

Aluminium dial with white background and black numerals and red hand set.

Nato codified part numbers (NSN’s).


Gauge, Differential


Scale can be graduated uniformly for measurement of differential pressure or liquid level.

Mil-S-901C Shock Grade A and Mil-Std-167 vibration.

Housings: Forged Brass to 500 PSI, Brass to 1000 PSI and 316 S/S to 6000 PSI.

Bellows material: 316 S/S or Inconel.

Differential pressure range: 0 – 1000 PSID.

Accuracy: 10 Bar +/- ½%, 10 - 40 Bar ¾%.

Temperature: -40ºF to +180ºF.

Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet - Navy


Designed to provide clear speech and alarm signals.

Sea going capabilities: salt, humidity, spray, temperature shock and vibration.

Can be used in either 50 or 70 volt audio system.

Enclosure: aluminium, designed for bulkhead mounting.

Speaker Assembly: loud speaker driver, audio line and terminal board.

Parameters: 8¼” (W) x 10⅞” ( H) x 4” (D) x 6lb.

Manufactured IAW: MIL-L-2433A.


Fan Circulating - Navy


Non-oscillating, fully enclosed.

Designed to circulate air under free airflow conditioning.

Mounting: ceiling, bulkhead, deck or stand.

Power: 115 VAC, 45 Watt, 0.6Amp, 60 Hz.

Baffle can be fitted to deflect air radially.

Two speeds.

NSN: 4140-00-255-7799.

Snubber Assembly - Navy

NSN: 2030-66-111-8885


Uses: winches, hoists, cranes and derricks.

Ruggedised for military use - heavy duty.

Stepped cushion for increased performance and noise reduction.

Special porting both ends and flange modifications.

Survey, repair and overhaul test.

Spare parts available.

Sanitary Switch Liquid Level

NSN: 6680-14-524-2906


Used in collecting units: tank discharge vacuum, vacuum toilets and alarms.

Control equipment: liquid level and temperatures: 0-120ºC.

Terminals: float up (closed) and float down (open).

Electrical data: voltage maximum – 220V 50/60Hz.

Materials: Float – stainless steel. Bellow - Perbunan.

Weight: 2kg. Size: DN100. Length: 389mm.


Switch, Liquid Level


Sophisticated remote tank gauging in large and small tanks.

Simple to set up and easy to maintain for years of trouble free service.

Highly reliable float technology is used to provide accurate monitoring.

Unaffected by changes in pressure, temperature or specific gravity.

Vertical mount into the tank and connected by cable to a remotely located receiver.

Flanged transmitter mounted to stand pipe.

Invaluable for a variety of marine applications.

Switch, Thermostatic - Navy

NSN: 5930-66-129-1382


Temperature control thermostat.

1 pole, single throw, both positions maintained.

Actuation point adjustable: -35°C to 7°C.

Capillary tube: 76” long – coiled, 2mm.

Differential: 1.7°C to 12°C.

Refrigeration plant / room


Switchboard Alarm


Panel, power distribution, DP-1PHBUS.

Test data 81349-MIL-P-23928 specification.

125 volt, 400Amp.

Panel material: aluminium.

Part No. MIL-P-23928/01.

Totally enclosed, watertight and drip proof.

Circuit breakers: 4 to 20.


Transformer – Navy 440VAC / 415VAC


Manufactured IAW AS61558.1.

3 Phase, 60 Hz, 440 VAC / 415 VAC, 30 KVA.

Short circuit impedance % 1.834.

Cooling: air natural.

Used In: Defence, mining and manufacturing.

Custom designed power transformer.

Manufactured in Australia.

Switch Bilge Float Gems LS270 + 6m cable


Small, lightweight, extremely stable

Bracket mounted to any convenient surface

Reed switch protection

Suitable in non-static, highly contaminated liquids

Slosh Shielding minimises effects of turbulence

Cable – up to 6 meters in length

Neoprene with waterproof connection

Magnetic Drive Coupling - NAVSEA Approved


US Navy Ship Classes - FFG, LPD, LHD, LHA, CVN, CG, DDG, LSD, SSN & LPD-17.

Replaces the physical connections between motors and loads with an air gap, eliminating vibration, wear and tear, enhances energy efficiency.

Low maintenance cost, aceepts greater misalignment; increases seal and bearing life, siple installation, tight space constraints, efficient torque transfer.

Ideal for: thermal expansion, shock loading, pulsating loads and periodical load siezures.

Reduces sailor-days repairs on pump over-hauls and replacement.

Designed for critical pump applications on board USN ships.

Spare parts are stocked for emergency breakdowns.

Polycap, Opaque


C/W stainless steel insert to suit 5mm diameter pin.

Suits Navy aluminium / steel weld on pins.

Assists installers with insulation materials.

Designed to conceal exposed points.

Allows speed and accuracy during fitout.

Manufactured in Australia.

Terminal Block


Single stud - single row / single stud - double row.

Double stud - double row / feed through stud - single row.

Class - 3TB-9 to 26TB-24.

Terminals: brass or nickel plated brass,

Moulded material IAW MIL-M-14.

Conforms to Group "A" testing.

Manufactured IAW MIL-T-55164C.

Heat Gun, Electrical

NSN: 4940-12-317-4915


220 VAC, 2kW, 600°C, 375mm (L) x 700g.

Infinitely variable temperature setting (50°C to 630°C).

Pre-set temperatures kept constant.

Uses: soldering, welding, paint removal and shrinking.

Separate airflow control with 3 airflow settings.

Spare parts readily available.





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