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Chains/Straps/Slings / Strops

Slings / Strops


Manufactured to RAN, USN and VG military specifications.

Proof tested to a society classification.

Full line of tagged and certified components.

Destruction testing if required.

Standard and special configurations supplied.

Many types and classes to various metric and imperial standards.

Fittings and hardware supplied.

Webbing Strap - Navy


High specification military application webbing.

Nylon, spun polyester, polpropylene and cotton.

Materials to Mil-T-87130, Mil-W-4088, Mil-W-27657B and Mil-W-5625.

Complete traceability to maintain life support.

Critical use applications.

Prototype development for unique applications.

Nata tested, certified and tagged.

Restraints, Band Clamps, Metal Straps and Tie Downs


Used in Aerospace, Navy and Army for restraining various ordinances.

Available in Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Titanium.

Diameters from 50mm to 3 meters and to suit various latch styles.

"T" Bolt, quick release and over centre latches.

Manufactured IAW Mil-Dtl-8783/1 and MS21920. Spot welding to Mil-Std-2219.

Provides uniform radial holding strength without overstressing the retained object.

Designed to suit specific mounting requirements, either regular or irregular shapes.

Earth Straps


Manufactured IAW MIL-DTL-24749.

Manufactured IAW VG88711 – DIN.

Various lengths, diameters and configurations available.

Bi metallic (explosion welded) and cres bosses.

Stainless steel twisted wire conductor or copper braided straps.

Comes with lug cable, earth strap, insulator, stud, stainless washer, thin nuts and thread compound anti-seize.

For bonding items in areas of environmental stresses eg. installations exposed to weather.

Navy - Wire Rope – Phosphor Bronze


Wire rope 3/16” (6 x 19).

Vinyl clad, Grade A, 5/16” diameter - clear.

IAW NAVSEA 1861902.

Use: HF antenna.

Coating: V90.

Continuous reel 1250 feet.

Specification: RR-W-410G Type 1 Class 2

Anchor Chain


Diameters from 12.5mm to 122mm.

Grades: U1, U2 and U3 – stud and studless welded.

Classification Societies: ABS (USA), BV (France), DNV ( Norway), GL (Germany) and Lloyds (UK).

Non standard chains and accessories supplied.

Shackles: kenter, anchor, joining, swivel and bouy.

Links: common, end, swivel, pear, triangle and round.

Mill certification supplied.




Marine hardware and hull item.

Weight: 100lbs x 25 foot long.

Ship Class: Royal Australian Navy.

APL: Hatch Cover P.O.

Chain Stopper / Devils Claw


C/W: pelican hook, links, turnbuckle and detachable links.

Sizes: ¾” to 4¾” chain.

Breaking Strains: 67,500lbs to 706,000lbs.

Use: to secure ships anchor at the hawse.

Manufactured IAW NAVSEA drawings.

Proof load certification supplied.

Material: heat treated alloy steel, 150,000lb tensile strength.

Pelican Hook


Manufactured IAW NAVSEA Dwg 805-2556852.

Quick release shackle – knocked free by hammer.

Sizes: ¾” to 4¾” chain size.

Proof test loads from 34,000lbs to 450,000lbs.

Used for replenishment at sea (UNREP) / anchor.

Weights: 14kg to 430kg.

Galvanised surface finish after assembly.

Snatch Block 6” Manilla Rope


Used for rope up to ½” in diameter.

Forged swivel latch hook and drop link.

Working load limit is 4000lbs (1815kg).

Sheave has heavy duty bronze bushing.

Semi-circular guard prevents wire slipping between shell and sheave.

Galvanised if required.

Weight: 8kg.

Shackle - Navy


Manufactured IAW RR-C-271E, NAVSEA Dwg No. 804-860000 Rev. G.

Types: ‘D’, Bow, OFG Hook – pin or bolt type.

Sizes: 3/16” to 3”.

Working Load: 33 tonne to 85 tonne.

Forged alloy steel, high tensile strength.

Finish: mill or galvanised and painted pin.

Material and test certification supplied on request.





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