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Counter Terrorism

EOD - Explosive Ordinance Disposal

IEDD Module and Truck


Truck mounted module for Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD).

Disposal and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD).

Ballistic protection: sheet / plate / polycore / sheet, Armoury - High Tensile Steel + lockable.

Retractable ramps for robot deployment and re-entry.

Bomb suit door access – internal and external C/W adjustable shelving and roller shutters.

Electrics: 7Kva 240V generator, back-up batteries, air conditioned, LED lighting.

Computers, X-Ray equipment and work stations fitted, C/W retractable awning.

METCV – Trailer


Mobile Explosive Total Containment Vessel.

Designed for safe containment and removal of explosive and hazardous substances.

Rated explosion capacity: 5kg TNT.

Gas tight for repetitive detonations.

C/W: radio remote control – robot buttons.

Manufactured IAW 042324 and dynamically tested.

Designed for: CBRNE, EOD, SWAT and law enforcement agencies.

Gas Sampling Unit


Defence, law enforcement, airport security, R&D.

Used on bomb disposal chambers.

Dyna Safe gas tight chambers (5kg or 8kg TNT)

Designed to take air samples out of a closed gas tight chamber.

Detects toxic gas leakage from container.

Passive or active detection equipment can be connected.

Air sampling bags can be connected for post examination in laboratory.





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