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Door, Navy, Secure Compartment + Kickout Panel (Aluminium)


Ballistic Protection, RF shielded, gas tight and marine grade aluminium.


Spray water tested, fire rated DIN, sound attenuation and 3 point locking.


Class "A" cipher lock and Class "A" combination lock.


Bolt in outer frame, heavy duty adjustable hinges and door close/open device.


Adjustable locking wedges, corrosion protection and Mil Spec paint systems.


Defence accredited locksmith for STW and signage to Mil Spec.


Manufactured in Australia to suit individual door clearances and fitted by Bale staff.



Security Doors (Aluminium) - RF Compliant with Kick Out Panel


Robust door and frame for installation on defence security applications.


Three point locking system, Cipher Lock and combination locking system.


Marine grade aluminium, bolt in outer frame configuration.


Radio frequency shielding, gas, water, ballistic protection fitted.


Clear opening as per requirements.


Locks fitted by Defence Certified Locksmiths.


Fire safety installation to Din 4102.


Door, Navy, Secure Compartment


RF shielded.

Gas tight rated.

Ballistic protection.

Spray water tested.

Fire rated DIN.

Sound attenuation.

Three point locking.

Class "A" cipher lock.

Class "A"  combination lock.

Bolt in outer frame.

Heavy duty adjustable hinges.

Available in High Tensile Steel or Aluminium.

Adjustable locking wedges.

Corrosion protection.

Defence accredited locksmith for STW.

Mil Spec paint systems.

Signage to Mil Spec.

Manufactured to suit individual door clearances.

Fitted by Bale Staff.


Security Doors - RF Compliant


Robust door panel and frame for installation or defence security locks.


Three point locking, Cipher Lock and combination locking system.


Marine grade aluminium or high tensile steel construction.


Radio frequency metallised conductive shield fitted.


Clear opening 686mm x 1676mm.


Locks fitted by Defence Certified Locksmiths.


Internally lined with 50mm Fibre Tex and aluminium foil trimmed.





Sliding Aluminium Door - Navy


Heavy duty sliding door track system.


Comes with internal kick out panel.


Honeycomb composite door panel with 2.5mm aluminium skin.


Hydraulic sliding door closer – heavy duty.


Hydraulic sliding door closer – heavy duty.


Custom made as per requirements.


Painted to operations colours if required.


Watertight Doors, Hatches, Manholes, Scuttles and Enclosures for FFG's and LPA's


Bale Defence Industries is in close consultation with the OEM for all Mil Spec doors and can supply or manufacture replacement components or if necessary supply replacement doors designed and rated to relevant Military Specification.


Through continuous research and development practices Bale Defence Industries guarantee that the information and supplied components are manufactured to the latest available NAVSEA drawings.


All doors and enclosures are painted as per your requested paint scheme, paying particular attention to the need for the paint to be low fume emitting. Zinc chromate is not used in the undercoating process.


Bale Defence Industries holds a comprehensive range of NAVSEA drawings enabling cross-referencing of your requirements.


Specialised designs and one off components can be manufactured in house on our premises in Port Macquarie. Bale Defence Industries can also repair corrosion and wear defects on site or for more detailed repairs, at our facility.


Bale Defence Industries will organise for chalk testing to be carried out on site. This will establish the effectiveness of the door seal, allowing you to make an informed repair decision.


Upon request Bale Defence Industries can supply data and specifications for blast rating and heat conductivity for each door or enclosure supplied.


Each door or enclosure consists of many repair parts that are all manufactured or supplied by Bale Defence Industries. A comprehensive list of spare parts and part numbers can be obtained on request from Bale Defence Industries.






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